Our work team is conformed by engineers and specialized technicians with extensive experience in the area of new equipment design, as well as updating, optimization, maintenance, and repair of existing equipment.

Among the services we provide are:

Supply of spare parts for all our mixers and spare parts for obsolete equipment.

Technical support for the fabrication and design of special mixers.

Repair and corrective maintenance to mixers of almost any Brand.

Technical assistance to renew and update existing mixers, regardless any Brand.

Supervision during installation and start-up of mixers.

Engineering development and technical assistance to improve and optimize the performance of mixers that customers already have in existences.

Development of laboratory-level tests, • Development of laboratory-level tests.

Technical support for the simulation of your processes through simulation software (CFD, FEA)

Technical support during the escalation of new or existing processes.Our mixers and scaling system (a very complete laboratory stirrer package) has been very successful among those clients who have used it. Many have decided to acquire it for their personal use.

Courses and seminars in mixing, 100% technical teachings. In these seminars we instruct our clients the basic and intermediate concepts, as well as the bases of mixers design. In addition, at the end of each seminar, attendees understand the importance of good selection of a stirrer, and the consequences of using a poorly designed stirrer.